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  1. Fran Healy’s Favorite Music

    Check out this great article about Fran’s six favorite albums via Daily Express


  2. Lovett’s video for All The Time was featured in The Take Out! 


  3. Marshall Crenshaw’s 10 Essential Guitar Albums

    Marshall Crenshaw was asked by Musicradar.com to pick his “10 Essential Guitar Albums.” Click below to see which ones he picked.



  4. Nina Persson - European Tour Dates

    Announcing new tour dates in Europe to support Nina’s debut solo album “Animal Heart.” Check the listings below for more information: 

    2/22 - Mojo Club (Hamburg, Germany)

    2/23 - Heimathafen Neukoelln (Berlin, Germany) 

    2/25 - Gloria Theater (Cologne, Germany) 

    3/3 - La Maroquinerie (Paris, France) 

    3/5 - Scala (London, UK) 

    3/6 - Button Factory (Dublin, Ireland) 


  5. Album cover reveal!

    To pre-order album from Sweden, please click:


  6. Nina Persson - New Tour Dates in Scandinavia

    Nina Persson is excited to announce new tour dates in support of her upcoming debut solo album “Animal Heart”! Nina will be playing the following shows: 

    2/3 - Tavastia (Helsinki, Finland) 

    2/5 - Kulturbolaget (Malmo, Sweden) 

    2/6 - Cirkus (Stockholm, Sweden) 

    2/8 - Restaurang Tradgarn (Goteborg, Sweden) 

    2/9 - Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway) 

    2/11 - Amager Bio (Copenhagen, Denmark) 


  7. Marshall Crenshaw Cyber Monday Deal

    As a deal for Cyber Monday, all of Marshall Crenshaw’s EPs from the first year subscription series are available on digital platforms. Be sure to grab them now as prices for both physical and digital copies will be raised next week! Copies are available on Amazon, iTunes, and Marshall’s online store. 


  8. Stream “Nebraska” Soundtrack!

    Hear Rob Burger’s accordion playing on featured on tunes like “Gossip,” “Bill,” “The Old Compressor,” “Night of the Skeptic,” and “Dim Cap,” plus his original song “Diminished Capacity.” Nebraska is in select theaters now. 

    Stream the soundtrack here! 


  9. Marshall Crenshaw’s “Driving and Dreaming” Now Available

    The third EP in Marshall Crenshaw’s vinyl series is available today! “Driving and Dreaming” can be purchased in retail stores, on Amazon, and at Marshall’s online store. It will be available on all digital platforms on Cyber Monday (12/2). 

    Be sure to stop by The Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ for the release show this Friday at 7:30 PM! Grab tickets here


  10. Nina rehearsing at Red Rooster!